Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is rich in natural resources, with a large population and huge development potential. The large needs for infrastructure development and consumer products make the market interesting for Swedish companies. However, Myanmar is one of the world’s poorest countries, and strongly marked by its violent and repressive experiences. Dialogue and engagement are necessary tools to achieve a sustainable economic development.

NIR has followed the country’s development closely for almost a decade building knowledge and networks both within and outside the country. We offer our member companies political and economic analyses, relationship building and risk analysis with a particular focus on human rights.

Further, we have been engaged in a development cooperation programme in Myanmar, focusing on supporting economic development and democratization. Within the programme, labour market relations have been improved, in particular through the support to increased contacts and acceptance for the respective roles of trade unions and employers. Support to local business organisations and their ability to advocate for improved business environment as a means to improve the opportunity for sustainable business development and contribution to economic reform was also part of the programme.

If you want to know more about our work in Myanmar, please contact: Henrik Hallgren