Management in Complex Environments

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Companies operating in complex environments require a rigorous understanding of the economic, political and conflict dynamics which they are, or will become, part of. Such insight helps them navigate substantial risks and challenges, grow their business and make meaningful contributions to stability and development. In a world where globalisation and technological advances bring opportunities and challenges ever nearer, this becomes an increasingly important area for enterprises to address.

It is against this backdrop that NIR initiated the programme Management in Complex Environments (MiCE). By means of tailor-made events, the programme promotes mutual learning for various levels within the enterprise, with the aim of preparing them to better tackle the risks that establishing in complex environments entails, and above all, to seize the opportunities that arise.

An invaluable resource for business managers and others involved in business activities in complex environments, NIR has developed the handbook Management in Complex Environments: Questions for Leaders. The handbook combines analyses by experts, real-life cases described by involved enterprises, as well as reflections by over a hundred business leaders. Based on this thorough and unique source of knowledge, the handbook poses the questions central to better understanding and leading in a complex environment.

 “This book poses the right questions for leaders to consider in defining the right approach to managing ever increasing complexity in our industry.”
– Mark Cutifani, CEO, Anglo American plc

“In times gone by, when they got caught up in violent conflicts, too many companies plaintively asked, “How were we supposed to know?” The answer lies in asking questions of the kind this book recommends for business leaders. Using them will contribute to making complex environments more peaceful and secure for companies and communities alike”.
– Dan Smith, Secretary General, International Alert, London

The handbook concretely demonstrates how leaders can help their companies reach a full range of goals, involving growth, legal factors, technical problems and solutions, as well as social rights, by addressing the questions set out in this book.

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The handbook has been developed by NIR and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

“In a changing and challenging world, both leaders and the companies they manage will be far more successful as they become more attentive to the questions and insights set out in this book”.

Olof Faxander, President & CEO, Sandvik AB
Tom Johnstone, President & CEO, AB SKF
Ronnie Leten, President & CEO, Atlas Copco AB
Martin Lundstedt, President & CEO, Scania AB
Jonas Wiström, President & CEO, ÅF AB