Sweden and Iran have longstanding mutually beneficial business relations. Swedish companies have been established in Iran for almost one hundred years and are well known for reliance and high quality products and services. Iran offers profitable trade and interesting investment possibilities for Swedish firms. Several areas that are vital for Iran’s development match the competence of Swedish companies. Further, Iran is also an interesting market due to its strategic position in the region.

The dispute over Iran’s nuclear power programme and the international pressure connected to it have posed common challenges for companies wanting to do business with Iran. As the JCPOA; the nuclear agreement reached in mid-July 2015, enters its implementation stage interesting new business opportunities will arise.

NIR sustains, protects and expands Swedish business interest in Iran. For almost a decade we have provided knowledge sharing, networking and fact finding in close dialogue with our member companies.

In 2016, our work will be further manifested in the Sweden-Iran Business Forum, a platform for building knowledge and expanding cooperation.

For more information contact: Henrik Hallgren