NIR has been active in Belarus since 2010 supporting sustainable economic development in the country. The Belarusian-NIR programme focused on supporting private sector development and economic reform through capacity building for mainly two business member organisations and the Ministry of Economy.

The support to business member organisations aimed at enhancing their capacity to lobby an effective National Business Agenda with the government in order to influence the development of a more conducive business climate. NIRs training programme at the Ministry of Economy increased middle managements knowledge and capacity in the areas of corporate governance and management of state owned companies, financial and risk management and business processes. A third area of the program increased contacts between Swedish and Belarusian economic actors through discussions on investment, economic and corporate development in Belarus as well as comprehensive study visit to Sweden by Belarusian representatives in the area of ICT.

The institutions and individuals participating in the programme obtained tools and knowledge in order to better support the general reform policies in Belarus aimed at creating a sustainable economic system.

NIR aims for a long-term engagement with Belarus and are looking into continue its support to public and private actors in the areas of restructuring and diversification of economy, business environment and investment climate through knowledge exchange and capacity building.

If you want to know more about our work in Belarus, please contact Henrik Hallgren