In 2014-15, NIR conducted a comprehensive study together with SIPRI on the status of the private sector in Afghanistan. The study, funded by Sida, describes the impediments to the private sector and its prospects of contributing to economic development and security in the country. It is one of the most comprehensive studies on the topic in recent years, involving research visits to five provinces. The public report was released in October 2015 and presented in Kabul, Stockholm, Brussels and Washington D.C.

Download the executive summary here

Download the report here

Afghanistan’s prospects are uncertain at the beginning of the “Transformation Decade” (2015-24), as the international military presence is winding down. On the one hand, the election of President Ashraf Ghani has instilled hopes of a new momentum for the peace process and urgently needed reforms. On the other, the country is facing vast challenges in the areas of security, corruption, poverty and the conditions for economic development. Developments in the wider region are critical in realising Afghanistan’s potential.

NIR’s work is a part of the long-term Swedish bilateral commitment to Afghanistan up until 2024. Its aim is to contribute to improved conditions for the private sector and to a positive socioeconomic development in the country. NIR has established an extensive network of contacts and experts on Afghanistan in the country and internationally.

For more information about our work in Afghanistan, please contact Henrik Hallgren.