The Challenge 

Many diseases and illnesses that can affect the workplace  such as HIV, TBC, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress or obesity, have an effect on both companies’ productivity and people’s health and well-being. Long-term successful companies need to approach issues of employee wellness as a matter of competitiveness. In global terms, the most serious disease is HIV which has had enormous effects on households, businesses and societies as a whole. With more than 35 million people infected, there is no doubt that everyone must contribute to the prevention of further spread of HIV and to alleviate the effects of the ongoing epidemic.

NIR’s Engagement

  • The Swedish Workplace Programme
  • The Swedish Workplace HIV and AIDS Programme (SWHAP) supports companies, management, employees and trade unions to work together for successful wellness programmes in order to save lives and secure future markets. Many of the biggest Swedish companies are partners of the programme. SWHAP supports workplace programmes providing training, voluntary counselling and testing, as well as early access to treatment. The programme has so far reached over 350 workplaces with around 35 000 employees, as well as an additional 20 000 family and community members.
  • The concept “Management in Complex Markets” targets business leaders providing insights, tools and strategies on how to engage in complex environments. The concept is based on current research and hands on experience from business leaders all over the world.