Business and Peace

The Challenge 

The increasing globalization of markets, trade and communication has led to unprecedented new opportunities for companies to expand internationally. However, with many of the world’s fastest-growing markets experiencing violent conflict or undergoing post-conflict processes, business increasingly faces concerns about how their activities may aggravate or alleviate the effects of violent conflict. Legitimate private sector actors have an interest in peace and political stability. Threats of open violence, lack of stable political institutions and unpredictable economic frameworks hinder or even prevent private sector activities from taking place by increasing operating costs and disrupting lines of supply. While the primary responsibility for peace, security and development must rest with governments, private sector actors can make an important contribution to stability and security in conflict-affected and post-conflict areas.

NIR’s Engagement

  • The concept “Management in Complex Markets” targets business leaders providing insights, tools and strategies on how to engage in complex environments. The concept is based on current research and hands on experience from business leaders all over the world.
  • Business and Peacebuilding as an analytical tool and concept is developed and researched.
  • Dialogue Promotion, Labour Market Initiative and Vocational Training in Colombia
  • Palestine International Business Forum