NIR’s unique competence is our ability to combine deep understanding of economic and political realities with a flexible approach and a broad network. We exist in the nexus between business and government, highly advanced industries and developing economies.

For half a century NIR has been firmly anchored within Swedish industry, but we feel just as home in the world’s newest emerging economies. We base our work on deep local knowledge and a genuine wish to create longstanding relations. This is how we are able to find innovative solutions to common challenges.

NIR works with a number of general areas that focus on the conditions for the private sector and its opportunities to contribute to development. Further information in the tabs below.

We believe that dialogue and cooperation are the most efficient ways to find long-term solutions to common challenges. NIR works in an inclusive way with all parts of society in the countries where we operate. We cooperate with business organisations, trade unions, universities, authorities, civil society, development aid organisations and many others.

NIR almost always partners with local business organisations in our programmes. We often cooperate with organisations like the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), The Confederation of Swedish Trade Unions (LO) and The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees (TCO) in these programmes.  These partnerships not only make our work more efficient, they also enable us to share, on a very practical level, our experience in Sweden with the countries we work in.

  • Areas of Expertise

    Business Environment Reform

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    Sustainable Leadership

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  • Business and Peace

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    Labur Market Dialogue

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  • Workplace Wellness

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