What we do


Due to modern technology, the world is shrinking. More and more countries are lifting themselves out of poverty and developing their industries and economies. The fastest growing economies are in developing countries and this means that Swedish companies must be present in order to maintain competitiveness. NIR works to overcome challenges in environments where growth and opportunity exist. In this way, we support our members’ ability to better understand the requirements for doing long-term sustainable and successful business even in challenging contexts.

NIR provides knowledge, insight and networks. We are often engaged in development cooperation projects that facilitate economic growth and improved business climates. This means that we conduct a number of educational and capacity building projects with local institutions, organisations and business.

The reason that we do this is because our members know that they – as well as the societies where they operate – benefit from a functional democracy, an educated and healthy workforce, reduced conflict and increased predictability. That is how we define business’ long-term interest.

Examples from our tools:

  • Training in policy advocacy
  • Shared experiences on how to build relations between employers and unions
  • Vocational training
  • Seminars on female participation in business
  • Training in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Support for HIV/Aids-efforts in the workplace
  • Seminars on market economy and international trade law
  • Anti corruption training
  • Enabling dialogue between stakeholders

We also produce a wide range of materials, including academic studies, reports, and case studies that explain and discuss the issues that impact our projects in different parts of the world. Examples include a handbook with guidelines for how companies can work in areas of conflict, and a study on the connection between economic and democratic development.