• NIR is a membership organisation. Our members are large exporting companies, organisations, authorities and banks that support export and trade.

    Through its member base NIR represents a large portion of Swedish exporters and industry. NIR works in complex markets where there is business potential for Swedish companies in the long or short term. By understanding the society, the local culture and the market, establishing relations and improving the business climate, we facilitate Swedish companies’ opportunity to access the market and to operate sustainably.

    NIR members have access to a wide variety of products and services that help the company assess opportunities and risks in complex environments. We offer our members unique knowledge and information. We also conduct projects that improve the conditions for doing business in the countries where our members have an interest.

    Over the years, we have developed a solid toolkit with proven methods and models that we use in our operations. These are scalable and work together in many combinations. How we use them, depends on what the needs of each new area are. Examples are: networking, seminars, fact-finding-missions, reports, training programmes.

    Please contact our CEO for more information.

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