Who we are

  • Staff

    Jonas Borglin - CEO

    Mr. Jonas Borglin is the CEO of NIR since October 2013. Mr. Borglin’s background is within marketing, consulting and business development within both Nordics, EMEA and Asia/Australia. He has previously held various positions at American Express and has successfully developed a global consultancy service within the company. As a leader, Mr. Borglin is curious to find improvements and growth opportunities within businesses and partners as well as within individuals and takes pride in motivating his surrounding to perform better. Mr. Borglin dedicated one year for his passion for photography and visual communication.

    Mail: ceo@nir.se
    +46 8 783 82 60

    LISA OSBÄCK - DIRECTOR of Operations

    Lisa is responsible for overseeing NIR’s operations in Belarus, Palestine and Israel as well as NIRs global project with focus on Leadership in Complex Environments. Lisa is further responsible for activities on new markets. Within NIR, Lisa has worked in particular with the industry’s role in conflict areas and how the private sector can function as a powerful actor for positive development. She has wide experience from working with an international perspective, and has field experience from Vietnam. Ms. Osbäck holds a Master in Political Science and Economics from Uppsala University and Laurentian University, Canada.

    Mail: lisa.osback@nir.se
    Phone: +46 8 783 82 67

    Mimmi Bergström

    Head of Secretariat
    E-mail: mimmi.bergstrom@nir.se
    Tel: +46 8 783 82 64

    Henrik Hallgren

    Programme Manager
    E-mail: henrik.hallgren@nir.se
    Tel: +46 8 783 82 65

  • Petter Ejhed

    Programme Manager
    E-mail: petter.ejhed@nir.se
    Tel: +46 8 783 82 99

    Maria Rindeskär (Parental Leave)

    Programme Manager
    Email: maria.rindeskar@nir.se
    Tel: +46 8 783 82 93


    Programme Manager SWHAP
    Email: alessandra.cornale@nir.se
    Tel: +46 8 783 82 68

    Binta N Mutale

    Programme Assistant SWHAP
    E-mail: binta@swhap.org
    Tel: +46 8 783 82 61

  • Karin Åker

    Programme Manager
    E-mail: karin.aker@nir.se
    Tel: +46 8 783 82 69





  •  Board of Directors 


    Sofia Svingby                               Atlas Copco AB

    Dag Klackenberg                        Konsult

    Erik Belfrage                               Consilio International AB

    Erik Ljungberg                           Scania

    Henrik Petersson                       Saab AB

    Jan Dernestam                           Mannheimer Swartling Advokatfirma AB

    Juliette Xue Lascoux                 SEB Merchant Banking

    Jörgen Haglind                           AB Tetra Pak

    Kjell Lindström                          Telia Company AB

    Paul Palmstedt                           AB Electrolux

    Stefan Karlsson                          Exportkreditnämnden (EKN)

    Ulf Pehrsson                               Ericsson

    Mattias Olsson                           EPIROC

    Nyamko Sabuni                         ÅF AB