Win-win-win, that’s what we work for”

Multinational  companies, local companies and society - all win if conditions for doing responsible and sustainable business are right. These conditions are what we try to support in our work.


NIR supports Swedish companies’ long-term interests in complex environments. We are a non-profit, membership-based organisation.

Our members are primarily large exporting companies but also organisations and authorities that work with trade and export. NIR has presence in approximately 20 countries around the world, where we work to support our members as well as local businesses and organisations to succeed with sustainable business and investment.

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What we do

Swedish companies depend on international trade and expansion in order to stay competitive. Opportunities for growth are increasingly concentrated in countries where challenges to working sustainably exist. This is why companies need to develop strategies for long-term success that consider the economy, environment and society.

NIR assists Swedish companies to advance their potential in challenging markets and we work actively to contribute to sustainable development in these countries.

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OECD launch Chile report with NIR contribution

OECD launch Chile report with NIR contribution

9 January 2018, OECD launched the Production Transformation Policy Review of Chile in Santiago, Chile. During the 15 month process NIR...

NIR and SIPRI release paper on the Belt and Road.

NIR and SIPRI release paper on the Belt and Road.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is one of the largest and most ambitious economic and foreign policy undertakings of...

NIR speak at UN Global Compact Business for Peace 2017

NIR speak at UN Global Compact Business for Peace 2017

On 1-2 November NIR CEO partcipate at the 2017 Business for Peace annual event in  Bogotá, Colombia. The event is...

Developing  SWHAP workplace programs

Developing SWHAP workplace programs

As part of developing the SWHAP program NIR and partner organisation IF Metall (Swedish Industry and Metalworkers Union) visited Ethiopia,...

How to build peace from the private sector in Colombia

NIR, FIP and ANDI, aware of the critical role of the private sector in a peacebuilding process, they join together to create an agenda from this sector called “The development of a working strategy in peacebuilding from the private sector in Colombia”. 


The Swedish Workplace HIV and AIDS Programme (SWHAP) is a joint initiative by the International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR) and the Swedish Industrial and Metal Workers’ Union (IF Metall). It is a long-term strategy to contribute to the establishment and/or support of HIV and wellness programmes at Swedish-related companies in sub-Saharan Africa. SWHAP is an example of how management, employees and trade unions can contribute to a successful intervention that saves lives and secures future markets. Since 2004, this programme has been helping companies invest in workplace programmes that reverse the negative impact of HIV and AIDS.



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